A Very Long Month

Well, its been quite a long month.  Mostly filled with things you’d rather not hear about!  Suffice it to say puppies sick, Momma hurt, Momma Sick etc...!  But sum total, life is sweet.  I know I have a bunch of things I promised I’d wrap up from the last entry, so let’s begin with the HAWESOME HAWEBANERO HAWT SAWES! It came out so great.  I’ve had a few taste-testers who know their hot sauce and they describe it as “Woah!  Sweet, then the HOTTTTT kicks!!”  Very satisfying project.  I have 3 bottles left – two of which are spoken for.  The last will be for us and anyone visiting who might like a taste or a chance to clear out their sinuses.  Here are a couple pics… the labels, even though I used indelible ink, are smudging from the condensation in the fridge.  Gotta figure out how to do that better.

The finished picture of Meg’s ‘ oh so delicious Rustic ‘ Tart:

The garden, as beautiful as it looks, was quite disappointing this year.  Between the clouds and shade, we have some tree cutting to do if we hope to continue to garden in this spot next year.  The tomatoes are ripening now – one of the highlights , so between that and the basil, we are satisfied.

Can I just say how scared to death I am to begin my fall course:  Advanced Biochemistry…  To make my Manager laugh at work, I put as one of my goals for the end of this year:  “To complete my fall class in Advanced Biochemistry without crying.”  Ha ha!  Who am I to think I can take a class like?  I just have to laugh at myself…

So picture this:  80-90 degree HUMID weather, two large dogs and two kittens AND NO AIR CONDITIONING.  (Whose brilliant idea was it to build a new house without central air anyway?  Oh, mine…sulk… ) I could vac and/or mop the floors every day if I had time, but I don’t.  As it is, every two or three days we risk our lives potentially being engulfed in and consumed by gigantic fur tumbleweeds!!  The clothes don’t even dry in the dryer…  even as I type this, I am sweating bullets and it’s 9:00 pm.!  I don’t remember what my hair looks like dry.  I’ve experienced hot humid weather plenty, but I don’t think I have experienced it for this extent of time.  Its been relentless.  We had one day last week (Tuesday – yes, it stood out that much!) where it was a gorgeous, DRY summer day.  I thought I had gone to heaven!  I was giddy with dryness LOL!!  I don’t want summer to end by any means, but please Mr. Humidity – go somewhere else.

The pups were sick this month one week after another… we were juggling adult dog food, puppy food and bland diet food in various rations for 3 weeks, in addition to kitty chow and soft food.  It may seem like a small thing, but when they all got regulated back to the simple plan, I thought I would cry in relief.  They are all such a continual source of joy and happiness – it was hard to see them sick.

Peeka is my work buddy.  Prefers to be on my lap while I’m working from home as much as possible.  She is noticeably sad when I come home from an office day and prefers to be carried around on my shoulder for awhile those evenings.  However, at the same time, she is very brave and is completely comfortable with the pups now.  She takes her life in her hands sometimes!!  The dogs just have no clue of their size vs. the kittens and I am so glad the cats are fast!

Boo is my little sweetheart, affectionate boy who follows me around everywhere.  He has a mighty purr which belies his very tiny kitten cry!!  It’s such a small little cry it is kind of funny – you just don’t expect it out of him because he’s bigger and more muscular than Peeka!!

Aslan is my heart and we communicate telepathically.  He is silly and always ready to play tug-of-war.  He loves routine.  He delights in the routines of the morning, and even knows the difference between a “Mommy’s working from home day” vs. a “Daycare day”!  He melts my heart the way he plays with his little stuffed Bernese Mountain Dog puppy!  I’ve got to video it one of these mornings – you would die laughing.  His face melts me.

Lucy love personified.  The poor little thing has continual pain in her left leg that will take a long time to heal.  She limps a good amount of time, especially when she gets up from resting or sleeping, but she never, ever complains or whimpers or ever let’s me know she needs something.  She just always smiles and wants to please and cuddle.  She’s happiest when she can just sit on my lap and cuddle.  She would stay there all day if I let her… and if it weren’t so dang nabbed humid, I would!

Until next time, stay dehumidified!

ONE MORE PICTURE because she's just so photogenic!

Ha ha!  :)